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This company has been facilitating foreign heavy equipment sales to Korean EPC clients for decades. Since 1987, we have been maintaining consistently same clients base engaged in refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, on/offshore oil and gas development industries around the globe. Our business objective is to serve our clients as well as partners around the world until they are satisfied to their expectation.

We share our on hand experience and knowledge with our friends and clients linking together to reach to the momentum of mutual business. We are a group of smart intellectuals and highly motivated professionals constituted by about 10 people. It is our firm commitment that we share the value of business by establishing a substantively working relationship with Korean EPCs in global market and ultimate end clients in Korea.

Please feel free to contact us with your needs and inquiries.


front runner as heavy machinery sales facilitation to korean clients in glabal market


Knowledge, Professionals, Global Network


Strategic Planning & Management, EPC Plant Marketing & Sales_International, EPC Plant Marketing & Sales_Domestic



  • Aasta Hansteen Platform in Norway
  • Acid Gas Removal in Kuwait
  • Ad Duwayhi Gold Gravity CIL(Carbon In Leach) in KSA
  • Al Ansab STP phase II in Oman
  • Al Kayan Amine in KSA
  • Al Kayan HDPE in KSA
  • Al Kayan polycarbonate in KSA
  • APPC 450,000 MPTA in KSA
  • Aramco Jazan Refinery & Terminal in KSA
  • Aramco Luberef Yanbu Refinery Expansion in KSA
  • Aramco Manifa Gas in KSA
  • Aramco Shaybah in KSA
  • Ashuganj 225MW CCPP in Bangladesh
  • Attock Refinery in Pakistan
  • Badra CPF Phase 2 in Iraq
  • Banyu Urip Oil plant in Indonesia
  • BARAUNI Petrochemical in India
  • Basf Expansion Ultrason in Korea
  • Basf Ultrason PESU(Polyether Sulfone) in Korea
  • Blackgold Oil sands in Canada
  • BMS Field Development in Algeria
  • Borouge 3rd LDPE Package in UAE
  • Borouge 3rd U&O in UAE
  • Bukpyeong Thermal power Plant in Korea
  • Chevron DSO Platform in Nigeria
  • Chevron GSEP in Nigeria
  • Cilacap RFCC in Indonesia
  • Dun Qunt PP in Vietnam
  • Egina FPSO in Nigeria
  • ERC Refinery in Egypt
  • Esfahan Refinery in Iran
  • ExxonMobil Sable Island in Canada
  • Fertil-2 Ammonia Urea Complex in UAE
  • Goliat FPSO in Norway
  • Habshan 5th offshore Gas Plant in UAE
  • IBN ZHAR 3rd PP in KSA
  • Ichthys CPF in Austrailia
  • Ichthys Gas Plant FPSO in Austrailia
  • Intergen SLP CCPP in Mexico
  • IPCL in India
  • JORDBAER FPSO in Norway
  • Kaltim Methanol plant 5th in Indonesia
  • Karabatan HRSG in Kazakhstan
  • Karbala Refinery in Iraq
  • Khaida in Egypt
  • KNOC Dolphin Platform In Donghae
  • KNOC Rong Doi Gas field in Vietnam
  • KNPC CPF MAB 1 in Kuwait
  • KNPC RPMAA in Kuwait
  • KNPC ZOR Refinery in Kuwait
  • KOC FUP in Kuwait
  • KOGAS Akkas CPF in Iraq
  • KOGAS Angang in Korea
  • KOGAS Manzanillo LNG terminal in Mexico
  • KOGAS Masan Gas turbines in Korea
  • KOGAS Oedong Relocation in Korea
  • Kudgi TPP in Karnataka, India
  • Las Raffan power plant in Qatar
  • Lotte SR in Korea
  • LVSR in Korea
  • Ma’aden Umm Wu’al PAP in KSA
  • Ma'aden Umm Wu'al Ammonia Plant in KSA
  • Ma'aden Umm Wu'al Downstream in KSA
  • Maersk Al Shaheen Oil in Qatar
  • Melitah plant in Libya
  • Minimax Sabiya Power Station in Kuwait
  • Moho Bilondo FPU in Congo
  • Mostaghanem & Naama CCPP in Algeria
  • Muara Tawar GT power plant in Indonesia
  • Musandam Gas in Oman
  • NC41 Onshore in UAE
  • NIC in KSA
  • NighSon 2 TPP in Vietnam
  • NIOC LAB Revamping in Iran
  • NODCO Refinery in Qatar
  • NSRP in Vietnam
  • NTPC Lara TPP in India
  • Oil and Gas SNX Fixed Platform in Angola
  • ONGC MSP in India
  • OPaL HDPE Plant in India
  • Otumura Node for Domgas in Nigeria
  • Pagbilao CFPP in Philippines
  • PDH/PP in KSA
  • PEMEX Caderyta in Mexico
  • Petrobras Brazil Bolivia pipeline
  • Petronas Baronia in Malaysia
  • PPT Phenol Train 2nd in Thailand
  • PTT Chem EPS in Thailand
  • PTT LNG in Thailand
  • PTTEP Bongot in Thailand
  • Quad 204 FPSO in Norway
  • Rabigh 2 IPP in KSA
  • Rabigh 2 Onshore Oild Refinery Production Facilities in KSA
  • RAPID Pakage No.6A LLDPE in Malaysia
  • RDPP in Algeria
  • Red Dragon PIEM in Chile
  • RWCC Ratchaburi in Thailand
  • Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal in Malaysia
  • Sabic ASU 8 in KSA
  • Safi IPP in Morocco
  • Safi IPP in Moroco
  • Salalah Methanol in Oman
  • Samcheok Green Power in Korea
  • Samco Acrylic Acid Complex in KSA
  • Samsung Cheil extruder
  • Samsung Total EVA2 in Korea
  • SARB #4 in UAE
  • Seagull (GE4) in Kunsan
  • Shah Gas Development Package #4 U&O BFWP in UAE
  • SHARQ 3rd Expansion in KSA
  • ShinSeocheon TPP Boiler in Korea
  • Shoaiba 2nd CCPP & Desalination Plant in KSA
  • Shuqaiq Steam Power Plant in KSA
  • Shuweihat 3rd IPP in UAE
  • SHWE Gas Development in Myanmar
  • SIDPEC LLDPE in Egypt
  • SK Innovation Reformer/PX in Korea
  • SK Innovation V in Korea
  • SK Inovation Nexlene in Korea
  • Skikda Refinery in Algeria
  • Sohar Aromatic plant in Oman
  • S-OIL RUCP in Korea
  • Sonelgaz CEEG KAIS CCPP in Algeria
  • SongHau 1 CFPP in Vietnam
  • Songkhla Gas Seperation plant in Thailand
  • South Pars 4, 5, 9, 10th Gas Field in Iran
  • Statoil Aasta Hansteen TopSide in Norway
  • Statoil Gina Krog Fixed Platform Topside EPCH in Norway
  • Statoil Mariner topside in UK
  • Suban Gas in Indonesia
  • Suban HPP in Indonesia
  • SUR IPP in Oman
  • Takreer CBDC in UAE
  • Takreer Inter Refineries Pipelines 2nd in UAE
  • Talimarjan TPP Expansion in Uzbekistan
  • Tasnee Ethylene Plant in KSA
  • TE-3 in Malaysia
  • THPP in Thailand
  • TNB Fast Track 3A in Malaysia
  • TPA Pneumatic Conveying System with S/P
  • TPI Ethylene in USA
  • Turkmenbashi Refinery in Turkmenistan
  • TVI Cebu Power Plant in Philippines
  • UGCC GSP & Polymer in Uzbekistan
  • Umm Wu'al Phosphoric Acid Plant in KSA
  • YGP EO/EG in Indonesia
  • YPFB Ammonia & Urea in Bolivia
  • Zhambyl Barge Drillship in Kazahstan

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Pursuit of communication and development via shared mind and committed relationship.

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A Group of Young and Challenging Professionals

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EPC Sales and marketing
Procurement of machinery and equipment

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Write and speak English
Good understanding of business trends


All Insurances
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Premium Medical Examinations
Subsidy for Club Activities
Accelerated Pension Benefits for long term employees

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